Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Photo: Rock n' Roll Quilt for Jen's Baby

Here are some of the quilts for the new babies. Jen's baby arrived ten days ago and since she is the most rock and roll person I know, I thought she needed rock and roll baby accessories. I used her favorite colors, textures, and patterns and got inspiration from Tori Amos and Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, her two favorite singer/song writers.

Photo: Folded Up with Wash Instructions

Photo: Leah's Soft Fuzzy Quilt with Coral Pinks and Russian Nesting Dolls

This quilt matches Leah's room and has a bit of pink for her daddy, but not so much that her mommy will want to hurl when she looks at it. We really dig the elephants and nesting dolls. Also we really want to pet the yellow all the time. Really, ALL THE TIME.

Photo: For Annalee

Emily wanted green, purple, yellow, and NO pink. She couldn't quite tell me what she wanted, but I know she likes really pale, muted colors. I also deduced that her style is French country/shabby chic and she just didn't know it. We used the softest, fluffiest, yellow fabric for the center and borders. The pale sea green is leftover from the chenille drapes in Phil's room. The lilac silk reminds me of Miss Piggy's gloves. The small flowers are lilac and sage, and the flower bursts I thought added a nice contrast.

Photo: Annalee's Quilt Up Close

We made a really fun flannel cereal quilt for Derek too, but I haven't photographed it yet. We have one left to make for Anita's baby, Rio. We bought fabric and we are trying to set the red so it doesn't turn the whites pink. We are not doing any other quilts until after Christmas because we can't kill ourselves. Enjoy for now.


Em. T. said...

Oooh Ali,

Those came out great! Annalee will love her blanket (when she's old enough to know it belongs to her). I'm glad someone in the family can sew. It's a great skill that just hasn't been my thing. Thank you!

Emily said...

Miss Piggy's gloves! That's it!

K&B Brown said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL! I cannot believe you cranked so many out in such a short amount of time.

I love the Miss Piggy gloves.

Ann said...

They look lovely! And I know all about that softie fabric. Heather gave Evan a little Christmas blankie last year with green fabric just like your yellow stuff. It's a little bit of Heaven on Earth.

Ali-kat said...

Karin, we didn't do them all that fast. We have been working on some of them for a couple of months, we just finished them this last week.

Chunky Monkey said...

When you say "we" do you mean the royal We, or did someone help you? I think I'll go re-read the first paragraph. And I love the quilts! Each is unique and totally fits the baby('s mom).