Friday, May 11, 2007

Cathartic Projects

Photo: What Scott Came Home to Find!

In my post-finals high, I have purged my house of all things junk and unorganized. This is how I cleanse my brain of all the stuff it's been hanging on to and sorting for the purpose of higher learning and testing. I needed a brain dump, so I showed no mercy in emptying the bowels of my house of crap (i.e. things) clean sweep style, and with it, the bowels of my brain (if it has bowels).

Photo: Ali on Washer/Dryer Painting

After two trips to Goodwill and public works, to rid myself of dead computer parts and many, many other things, I have emptied my attic of 3/4 of its contents. I have also emptied, painted, and reorganized my laundry room, pantry, and office supply closet. Even with mommies and a baby chilling out one afternoon. On a side note, I owe the garbage men of my town a huge thank you note for the obnoxiously high pile of garbage I left for them. They are my new heroes.

Photo: Newly Emptied and Organized Attic

Photo: Everything Must Go!
All That You See Here Will Be Gone By Week's End

I expect that Karin will be jealous of all my house projects that you just can't do in an apartment. And April, Phil, and Anita will be so proud of me for the level of organization I have brought myself. My Emily wants to believe she is this organized, but we all saw the snail trails of stuff she left all over our house growing up. Sorry Em.

Photo: Sweet Organization of Laundry Room

Photo: Note the Fire Extinguisher --
Now Anyone Can Easily Put the Flames Out In My House

Photo: New Corner Shelving
Zoned for Easy Reaching of Short People

Photo: Pantry Newly Painted and Organized with Empty Boxes Recycled --Note the New Snack Container for Scott

Photo: Office Supply Heaven -- Aaaahhhh

Photo: Stationary Spot Right Next to My Desk

I firmly believe that everything has a place and that it should be in its place. Anything that doesn't have a place must go. This may very well be my life philosophy.


Karen B said...

So pretty. I thought you were painting the laundry room the same color as the kitchen. Is that the color of the living room? All looks very, very nice. Especially your new corner shelves.

Anonymous said...

We changed our minds. We like this better. I got you some bins today. It was quite a thing. The people at Lowe's hate me and I don't care. It's there fault.

Ann said...

That is so impressive. I like to think that I was that organized years ago, but it's been so long, I'm not quite sure. I love to throw things away, too.

K&B Brown said...

I am jealous but hey we have Mom and Dad's house to do projects on (and they pay for it). I have been in a cleaning frenzy on and off for weeks now. I have a pretty organized closet (it is one of the few things I can do when the boys are napping- that or clean my bathroom AGAIN).

Emily said...

Wow. Okay, Wow.

I love Scott's snack bin, and I beleive your brain does have bowels.

Karin - Mom & Dad PAY you to do their stuff even though you lived there rent free for months and months?! You little mooch.

Chunky Monkey said...

Amen to the organizing and cleaning philosophy! I do have to have my one spot for junk that I haven't decided about yet, sadly, but other than that, ffft, it is gone if it doesn't have a place.

Its Lovely!

K&B Brown said...

I WISH Mom & Dad paid us for the many hours of Bryan's demo/reconstructing/tiling and my cooking but we do it out of the goodness of our hearts. AND if anyone else wants to pay us for our services...

K&B Brown said...

Oh, Mom & Dad pay for the supplies for the projects (I meant to put that earlier).

Heather said...

Ali, I need you to come live at my house for a week or two. If you ever run out of things to organize come see me!

I am feeling inspired though. I think I will go clean out my closet! Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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