Monday, July 16, 2007

On Our Walk After Dark

Scott: "What is that thing running?"
Ali: "It's a dog."
Scott: "No, it's a fox."
Ali: "No it's not! It's a dog."
Scott: "It's an athletic beaver."


K&B Brown said...

That is hilarious! I enjoy that Scott asks what it is, then disagrees with your answer.

Thank you for posting, it was nice to see after not have electricity ALL day.

Elizabeth said...

does an athletic beaver wear sweat bands on his head and wrists? please ask scott for me.

Ali-kat said...

I will. I assume it would since it might get sweat in its eyes otherwise.

Chunky Monkey said...

I think I would have just squealed like a little girl and tried to talk myself past the critter point. You are brave.