Thursday, June 12, 2008

Payback Is Smelly

In the 1970's, homemade cloth diapers were all the rage, and since I was a baby of the 1970's, I was a kid who wore these diapers. On one occasion, when my dad was in charge for the day, I did like all babies, and soiled myself pretty darn good. Dad got me changed and he left the used, poopy diaper within my reach. Being the budding artist that I was even then, when he left the room, I seized my opportunity to redecorate the walls, myself, and anything else I could reach. After Dad cleaned up this massive mess, and had me in the tub, he tossed the diaper in the commode, as was the custom. And while he was not looking, I seized my opportunity a second time, and redecorated the bathroom. Sorry, Dad!

Lo these many years later, his granddaughter has given me his payback for my disgusting artistic ways. Today, Leah did a massive, gooey poop while she was sleeping, and I didn't realize it until it was too late. It squished out the top of her diaper and left a 1/4 inch thick, dessert plate sized mess all over my t-shirt and the inside of her dress. It soaked through everything I was wearing and everything she was wearing. It made her previous poop belt at the Righter's house look like amateur hour.

Photo: Leah's Poop Belt at the Righter's House

It took me quite awhile to baby wipe the bulk of it off, and she was smiling away every time she stuck her chubby, little hands in it to wipe more on her face, in her mouth, on the blanket she was laid out on, and in her hair. I am so glad I had the foresight to wear my oldest, trashiest t-shirt today because it went straight into the garbage. I gave her a bath, which she was delighted about. I soaped her three times and scrubbed like crazy, because girlfriend had a nasty, poopy belly button.

I wish I could have taken pictures, but my camera is at Phil's house, so you'll have to settle for your imaginations. And in the meantime Dad, we're even!


Em T. said...

Annalee pulled one of those on me at the grocery store a few weeks ago. The public restroom was a delightful place to attempt to clean both her and her carseat up until I could complete my shopping trip and return home. I'm glad you were smart enough to wear your grubby shirt.

K&B Brown said...

That is why mothers dress the way they dress- why ruin perfectly good, nice-looking, in fashion clothing.
The curse of the mother/father can be a horrible thing.

EMama said...

I'm not surprised to be honest. It's her way. And at least she was cheerful through it all.

Chunky Monkey said...

She was just letting you know that you are the favorite - comfortable enough for a blow-out of epic proportions and all.

Jamie and Erick said...

Ali, I am having scary visions of my future! No poop belts for Aidan, I hope!