Sunday, August 12, 2007

Easy Handbag Project

Photo: Handbag for Liz
Made by Ali

Since Liz is a saint, and I needed to get my creative bug out before school starts, I decided to make her a very cool and reversible handbag with matching reversible drawstring coin purse. I used some of the very cool fabrics I had leftover from some of the quilts I've been working on. Although I don't really like purses that look like quilts per se, I do like trendy handbags with cool fabrics. I searched the Supernet high and low for a pattern that I thought Liz would like and downloaded it. It was relatively easy to duplicate and the entire project took about three hours, including making the pattern. Email me if you would like to make this handbag yourself and I'll send you the instructions. I cut my pattern out of a paper grocery bag.

Photo: Matching Reversible Drawstring Coin Purse

This bag feels even nicer than it looks. The outside of the bag, the inside pocket, and both sides of the coin purse are made with synthetic silks and embroidery. The lining is made with flannel. The binding ribbon on the top has a silky texture. The strap for the button is made with faux suede leftover from some chair pads originally used on my kitchen chairs. The button came from my collection of misc. buttons collected over the last ten years. The entire thing was machine stitched. The inside pocket is big enough for a cell phone and iPod.

Photo: Reversible Inside with Butterfly Pocket

Photo: A Pocket Full of Pennies --
I mean, the inside of the reversible coin purse


Anonymous said...

wow ali, that is a great hand bag and and coin purse. you really have out done yourself.
cousin liz

K&B Brown said...

That does look very silky and soft. I want to touch it. Maybe after I have actually made it home I will feel up to making something. I am EXHAUSTED from vacationing.

Emily T. said...

While I am not someone who knows how to sew, I have to say that I am VERY impressed with the hand bag. It looks great!

Ann said...

While both are lovely, I think the coin purse is ADORABLE! I've decided that Edie absolutely needs one just like it. Will you send me a link to the pattern?

Ali-kat said...

The change purse was my own invention, but it's wicked easy. I'll post something about it soon.

Emily said...

I did touch it. It's great, and pretty.

Sarah Bailey said...

Those are so pretty! You've always had such a great eye for color.

Ali-kat said...

Why thank you Sarah! That's quite a compliment from your artistic eye.

The Megster said...

I'm lovin' this bag! I may have to sandblast off my sewing machine (that's how long it's been since I've made anything!) and try one of these. Also - at last, I can sleep again, thanks to your Useless Information! For years now, I've been agonizing over the original of Col. Mustard's name, so it's good to finally be at peace with that. :-)