Sunday, October 01, 2006

Curtains, Curtains, and More Curtains

Photo: Full Windows Master Bedroom

After a long search and extensive discussion, the curtains in our bedroom finally got made and put up. Scott has been begging to have this style of window dressing for three years, but I didn't think it worked anywhere in our house except these corner windows in our master bedroom. The curtains cost about $16 to make (I used $.99 per yard muslin), and the decorative posts were about $20. I love a bargain.

Photo: Front Window Master Bedroom

The green on the walls looks much better in real life. Every picture I have ever taken of it makes it look way more yellow than it actually is.

Photo: Laundry Room Curtain

For three years, the original mat and curtain, which were cobalt blue, were left in the laundry room because we just never got around to replacing it. I finally found a mat that matched the kitchen, so I really needed to replace the original curtain which was also too long in addition to not matching our kitchen.

Scott and I looked high and low for the perfect curtain and couldn't find one, so we finally went to the discount fabric store yesterday and picked out fabric. I stitched it up between conference sessions this afternoon in about ten minutes. It looks so much better. The fabric has a white stitched diamond pattern that is very dainty and clean.

Over Thanksgiving or Christmas break we are going to paint the laundry room and pantry the same Anjou Pear color in the kitchen and paint the shelving in both places a high gloss white. It should look much better and more cohesive.

Photo: Futon Guest Room

Some friends of mine in my Ward were getting rid of their futon for free, so we fed them dinner Friday night in exchange and picked it up. Now guests will be able to skip sleeping on an air mattress when they come to visit. Although the futon is only four years old, we plan to steam clean it and add a foam pad and mattress pad when guests come to make it extra comfy. I know futons are not usually ideal sleeping conditions, but the memory foam pad should make it very nice for sleeping. I think my parents may be sleeping on it first this spring.


K&B Brown said...

Lovely curtains.

Futons are not the most comfortable but they are better than an air mattress on the ground. With a foam pad it is actually tolerable for about a month or two (we had no furniture with us when we first moved to Texas and having a one month old, I had to be off the ground and the futon served us well as a guest bed too).

CarrierFamily said...

Thanks Karin! I guess having a futon for a guest bed will discourage guests from staying more than a week or two. Scott will like that.;)

Karen B said...

Thank you for finally replacing that curtain. I know that my house needs a ton more work than yours. That is why little things like curtains on doors in laundry rooms don't look obvious. Onto the kitchen lights...

Ann said...

Everything looks great! I'm thinking your bedroom curtains would look nice in my living room, whenever we get around to decorating it.

Emily said...

I can't remember the last time I had curtains. I'm guessing it was when I lived with my grandparents or parents. How fancy! You're going to be a GOOD influence on me, I can tell.

And Karen, AJ is a licenced electrician, and while he hates his job, he loves helping friends out with his mad skillz. Whenever you're ready, we can make a fun-filled trip to the home depot and you'll have the fixtures of your dreams installed that evening!

CarrierFamily said...

Thanks Em. I can't wait to take you to the discount fabric store. It will make you drool. It has discontinued drapery and upholstry fabrics for $7.99 per yard. Phil and I have done so much in both our houses. We both have sewing machines BTW. It has not escaped me that AJ is a licensed electrician. I am big into trading labor. Maybe curtains for electricity? I can't wait to show you everything Phil and I have done to our houses. When you guys are ready to buy, we'll help you make it your own.

Ann - The curtains I did in my bedroom are so easy, you could do it in your living room in a couple of hours. I just figured out how much fabric I needed, and bought 10% more from Jo-Anne's Fabric. They generally sell muslin very cheap in white and ivory. I just ironed over the hem an inch, folded/ironed over one more inch and ran a straight stitch across. Target and Linens n' Things have the posts for very little $$. I hope that helps you.