Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stink in the Sun; Eaten by a Vulture

It's a new game Liz and I invented while driving to and from the hospitals on Monday. The game goes like this: If you were a dead squirrel in the middle of the road, would you rather stink in the sun or be eaten by a vulture.

We like to think of it more as a philosophical puzzle. If a vulture eats you, you are giving back the world. You extend the vulture's life, clean the road, and go back into the circle of life when the vulture relieves himself from high above the trees. If you stink in the sun, you really just cause general discomfort to all who smell you and you never really decompose into the soil.

So the real question is; are you feeling generous and willing to give back to the earth and it's inhabitants, OR are you feeling spiteful and punishing? If you feel the first, select "Eaten by a Vulture". If you feel the latter, choose "Stink in the Sun".

Late Monday night I chose stink in the sun because I was really tired and feeling very spiteful. Tonight however, I got a 100% on my stats test and my joy has caused me to choose eaten by a vulture. Last night we played with AJ, Emily, and Phil. The majority chose stink in the sun. Play it with your friends and family. It's fun for all ages.

**This game is based on a real incident, where Liz and Ali happened upon two vultures eating a dead squirrel in the road, which would not move until the car horn was honked. Said vultures looked really annoyed and merely stepped to the side until we passed, and then returned to their afternoon snack.


Karen B said...

First of all congratulations on your test again. I told you you're not bad at math.

Secondly, I would consider eaten by a vulture the ultimate sacrifice because I don't like them so if I get eaten by one, I am helping my enemy. I consider it the same if I get eaten by PK who's name I won't say because her neighbors read this.

Ann said...

Is this some sneaky way to get me to be an organ donor?

Anonymous said...

i just posted on this this morning. would depend on my mood...but most days i would prefer to bake in the sun.

K&B Brown said...

I would rather be eaten by vultures because I find it disgusting to smell dead animals on the road and I wish there were more vultures around here to take care of that problem for me.