Friday, November 02, 2007

This Edition of the Laundry Mysteries

Inspired somewhat by Emily's need to make lists, I am choosing to be proud of the few things I did with my little bursts of energy. When you are not well, lists for the list-maker tend to be a thing of the past simply because you would get depressed by all the uncrossed items. Instead I get really excited by anything that passes as an accomplishment.

My dining room, for instance, has been laughable for months now. So much so, that I couldn't even tackle it when my dad came for a visit. Although my mom insists that he does not notice such things (of which I believe her), it's that I know which becomes the problem. So in the last two days, I did several loads of laundry, de-cluttered the dining room, and finished overdue sewing projects. There were some other things, but nothing noteworthy, except to myself.

You may be thinking, "Why mention laundry? How droll." The thing of it is, I haven't been able to do many household chores as of late, which leaves hubby to do everything. While he's done a superb job nearly everywhere else, the laundry seems to have had some gaps.

I had noticed recently that machines were humming along, baskets were filled and emptied, fragrant flower smells filled the air from dryer sheets, and yet the hampers upstairs seemed to fill up very fast, and my drawer of unmentionables was emptying at an alarming rate and not refilling itself.

I was starting to think that the machines may have eaten more than just socks. Entire sets of pajamas had gone missing, t-shirts, and UNDERWEAR!!! I really needed to put my thinking cap on, and after some laundry investigations, I discovered that two or three items belonging to me were making it into the wash, but only two or three items.

So dear hubby, while I certainly understand the frustration of doing most of the chores as of late, I am not sure that one can bellyache about doing one's own laundry. It just seems silly. I am happy to give credit where credit is due (and it's a long, long list); I can't quite give it for the laundry. After today though, I have a drawer full of clean unmentionables and I am finally wearing my favorite missing jammies.


Emily said...

That's funny. I seem to get to the end of my inderwear drawer a lot more frequently than I used to. It's a panicky-yet-funny feeling

K&B Brown said...

Even when I don't feel well, I still sort and point the loads out for hubby to put in the washer and then remind to put in dryer.
I think laundry is a mentionable list item, it is more time consuming than one would think but I LOVE the smell of clean clothes, so I would MUCH rather do laundry than cook or bathrooms and definitely mopping.
YEAH to burst of energy!

Karen B said...

Dave is in charge of Laundry. And dishes. And all other cleaning. I am in charge of doing the bills and bossing people around. The only good part of the last trimester.