Sunday, November 05, 2006


Photo: White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

This is what I did with my Sunday afternoon. I've been meaning to turn my dried raspberries into truffles for quite some time and I thought I'd get a jump on holiday experiments. To those of you who live here, don't worry you'll get some. I made peanut clusters for Scott and chex clusters for myself as well, but they weren't pretty -- so no pics.

Photo: White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles


K&B Brown said...

How do those ship?

They look quite delicious and I really want some. You could post the recipe and maybe I would make them. I made the peaches again a couple weeks ago and Dad loved them too.

K&B Brown said...

I tagged you...check my blog.

CarrierFamily said...

I'm not sure how they ship, I'd imagine well in the winter months. I made the recipe up. It's just white chocolate melting bark (grocery store baking section), with dried raspberries stuffed while hot (dried fruit section), into truffle molds (candy molds at Michael's). I tossed chex and nuts into the leftover chocolate and spooned it onto wax paper. I chilled all of it for about 30 minutes. The next time I make it, I may make a white chocolate ganash for the center. These are good, but not creamy enough.

I saw your tag and I'll get to it later.

Karen B said...

You are the fanciest.

Chunky Monkey said...


Emily said...

I've never been so glad I've lived anywhere than at this moment. AJ saw it and said "You should hang out with Ali more." I cmpletely agree.