Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ye Olde Gluten-Free Bake Shoppe

This holiday season I got the bright idea to make different fun fruity flavors of cupcakes and give them out to my friends and neighbors. I used the pumpkin spice chocolate cupcake recipe, but ditched the cocoa, amped up the xanthan gum, and used pureed organic fruit with a little juice for each flavor (apple is the least overpowering). I also ordered some flavor drops online to give the flavor a little boost. I bought all the cupcake boxes at my local craft store and downloaded and made the tags from here.

The "Not Your Mother's Fruitcake" GF cupcake flavors are strawberry chocolate surprise (the surprise is a chocolate kiss baked inside), apples and caramel, orange creamcicle, and peachy keen. I put candy pearls on top for a little holiday cupcake glamor and I used food coloring to make the cupcake flavors easy to identify and added a hand written key to the side of each box. I found twine at my local grocery store and tied them up. So far, all deliveries have been a smashing success, or people are too polite to say otherwise. Happy Holidays!


Marya said...

They were amazing!!! You seriously need to open a bakeshop. I couldn't believe that they were gluten free. Let me know next time you bake some, I want to come learn how you made them. :-) Thanks again!

Ali-kat said...

Can do, Marya. They aren't hard to make! We can make any flavor you like.

Heather said...

I agree with May, you should go into business!