Wednesday, December 05, 2012

That's So Anita

I've decided to add a partner in GF blogging crime, so to speak. For two reasons, a.) my life has been busy and I've been pre-occupied, and b.) two of my sisters have gone GF and my youngest sister (there are four of them), Anita, has been at it long enough that she's a big an expert in the kitchen as I am AND she's an amazing cook. She's not afraid to experiment and share ideas. I think she will give this blog back the zest it used to have and will hopefully re-spark my interest in experimental cooking for the blog.

Additionally, I expect you'll really enjoy her quirky and smart sense of humor. I hope you enjoy her take on GF cooking and eating as much as I do.

Welcome, Anita!

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Miller Mommy said...

It was nice meeting you at Robert and Beth's today. I look forward to trying out some of your GF recipes.