Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Ninjas

Little Red Fury vs. #1 Sun

PS - The internet quality is lousy folks, sorry.


David & Lisa said...

My vote is for "litte red fury!" You don't mess with a woman, esp. the red heads, right? too funny!

Anyway, check out this food blog - i like it, thought of you,lots of the recipes look like you could alter them

EMama said...

At first I was definitely picking Annalee to be my mascot, but then when Rio got in there with those gut punches . . .sorry, Annalee. He's got the moves.

Hannah said...

Hi Ali-
Thanks for the message! I must admit, I found your blog about a month ago and have been reading it - I just hadn't posted a comment yet. But I was going to! I promise! Yes, it's so much fun that we can all keep track of each other. I love your blog!


Ali-kat said...

Lisa - That site looks pretty interesting.

Hannah - Thanks for coming out of lurking, and double thanks for the compliments.